Paul De Maere is a third generation goldsmith and can easily be considered a multifaced man. Going beyond just practicing the craft of goldsmithing, he is passionately dedicated to create a personal and unique collection. Paul De Maere does not consider himself an avant-garde artist, but he does push the limits and possibilities of his craft.


Frequent appearances of strikingly coloured animals, flowers, plants and people in undestined spaces characterise the author’s artistic parcours. The work is about people looking at you, except in some particular poses, where the looks are hidden, averted or even indiscernible. Often the protagonists linger in undefined, flat spaces, still and surreal.


Some of the sculptures have the appearance of universal forms. Primordial forms and plants, mothers with child, arabesques or a powerful hand are themes that reoccur in the artist’s work. As in his paintings, some pieces have penetrating looks. But being sculptures, they do exist in the real space.

From Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM we can be reached by telephone at

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You can also reach us by email: paul@pauldemaere.be